About Me

Jen Estape, MS, LMHC, MCAP, NCC is licensed mental health counselor, nationally certified counselor, master certified addictions counselor, and qualified supervisor for the state of Florida. Jen’s specializations include Anxiety and Mood disorder specializations, suicide prevention and intervention, conflict resolution training, LGBTQ issues, anger management, trauma focused CBT, substance abuse and addiction, and marriage and couple’s counseling. Jen specializes in individual, group, marriage/couples, and family therapy emphasizing a cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Cognitive behavior therapy is time-limited and is widely utilized in the treatment of depression, anxiety, pain disorders, eating disorders, and substance abuse issues among children, adults, and special populations.

* Qualified Supervision includes real world training in development of therapeutic orientation, business coaching, private practice start up training, and medical billing training. Supervision is offered biweekly at a low rate with free texting/phone calls 24-7 between sessions.


License No. and State: MH12972 Florida